Fee Structure

Student Admission Form

Enrollment No.
Enrollment Date:
1. Strict discipline will be maintained & undisciplined students will be punished or fined or summarily dismissed. The sole discretion will be that of the coach.
2. The Trading center or the coaches concerned will not be responsible in any way for the injuries or accident sustained.
3. The Rules and Regulations of the center will be subject to revision as per the management's discretion.
Waiver of liability
*I am of sound mind & body.
*I acknowledge that I am enrolling my child/myself in a martial arts program.
*I understand and am fully aware of the fact that my child/I will be involved in a sports that involves hitting, wrestling, joint manipulation and limb extention.
I understand that these above mentioned acts that can cause my child /me bodily harm.

Affiliated to:
*All India Mixed Martial Art Association *All U.P. Kick Boxing Association (AUPKA)
*National Shotakan Karate Association India (NSKAI) * Approved by: KAI, USI & AIKA

Note: Preferred payment mode: Quarterly only.
In condition of paying fees monthly you have to pay 10% extra of the fees.
In condition of paying fees half yearly you will get one month rebate in the total fees.
In condition of paying fees yearly you will get two month rebate in total fees.

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